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User Engagement
By creating products that engage brands with consumer communities, we shift the perspective from products to people, enabling that "deeper connection" needed to foster quality consumer influence and motivation.
Brand Discovery
We enable you to target qualified consumers with brand specific opportunities and actions that ensure your quality traffic.
Shopper Marketing
Get key insights to reach the right consumer the moment they are shopping online.
Market Research
Having quality, engaged, respondents is the foundation to providing meaningful research. Visit us at
At the heart of prodege is a reliable proprietary rewards program engineered to turn participatory and loyalty behavior into measurable and valuable insights.


"...[If] you're out there searching, why not make it count?"
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"[This site] ... rewards users in giftcards for doing things such as playing games, doing searches, or just shopping."
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"Rewards frequent searchers with gift cards... there are lots of stores to pick from"
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Our Thought Leaders

Some of the most influential thought leaders in the consumer influence space are working hard to reduce the friction between your brand and consumer audiences.

Meet the team
Chuck Davis
Josef Gorowitz
Founder & President

Careers at Prodege

We believe that consumer influence can be done better. We make sure brands get the quality traffic they deserve. It is not easy. But we love the challenge so much, we also have a good time doing it. No idea goes unturned here. Inspiration boards, infographics, wordmaps, remote control car races and pizza for any occasion are all part of the disciplined creative process we use to get the job done.

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