Create Rewarding Moments

Our goal is to create superior value for our members and partners by connecting engaging content with valuable rewards.

Prodege for Consumers

Prodege’s family of consumer loyalty websites and mobile apps reward members with free gift cards or cash for the everyday things they are already doing online — like shopping, searching the web, watching videos and sharing opinions.

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Prodege for Enterprise

Prodege’s business solutions allow advertisers and partners to reach, influence and acquire consumers online and on-the-go.

What we do

Market Research

ProdegeMR is a leading provider of people driven insights. Through diversified recruitment methods and a world class consumer engagement model, we deliver a more thoughtful approach to research. Through this offering we produce highly responsive, deeply profiled people with thousands of behavioral and demographic data points to find you exactly the sample you’re looking for. Powered by a robust geo-fencing solution, our mobile platform taps into people on the go for a variety of in-the-moment insights.

Lead Generation / E-Commerce Marketing

Prodege is a community of millions of consumers powered by three leading rewards websites: Swagbucks, MyPoints & ShopAtHome. Prodege focuses on measurable post click engagement and delivers significant volume against any KPI for our advertising partners. We drive over $500M in annual sales for our top retailers by connecting them to our global audience of over 40M registered users.

Audience Development

Our curated content discovery platform contains videos, articles and slideshows from premium publishers. As a premium publisher with a video portfolio that includes desktop, mobile and in-app properties we can service nearly any vertical or audience. Prodege’s VN platform identifies the right audience, utilizing our first-party data to effectively reach engaged, targeted users. We stream more than 1 Billion annual video views on our owned and operated sites, to help grow your customer base.


At the heart of Prodege is a reliable proprietary rewards program engineered to turn participatory and loyalty behavior into extraordinary value for our partners. To date, Prodege has paid out more than $515 million in gift card rewards to consumers.

Shopper Marketing

We use geofencing and location based technology to influence our members to visit specific retailers and drive in-store purchases of your product. Our approach allows us to move products quickly, shift share, and deliver actionable sales results. We use our rewards currency as a way to ‘sample’ your product to our members and we can survey the consumer post transaction with customized questions.

Prodege Mobile Solutions

With over 3 Million app installs and over 50% of new members starting their experience on mobile, Prodege allows advertisers to reach their target consumer on the go with location targeting, programatic ad buying and card linked offers.

Our team

Some of the most influential thought leaders in the consumer influence space are working hard to reduce the friction between your brand and consumer audiences.


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We believe that consumer influence can be done better. We make sure brands get the quality traffic they deserve. It is not easy. But we love the challenge so much, we also have a good time doing it. No idea goes unturned here. Inspiration boards, infographics, wordmaps, remote control car races and pizza for any occasion are all part of the disciplined creative process we use to get the job done.