A Prodege Study

A Prodege Study

Since Prodege’s founding in 2005, we’ve had an exhilarating journey creating rewarding moments for our members everyday.

It has been an exciting ride, and our leadership team recently discussed a Case Study on the business’ achievements at Harvard Business School for the second year in a row, sharing insights and answering questions from the audience.

The Case Study dives into how our founder Josef Gorowitz started the company, his challenges, and how he built Prodege into the success it is today. The Case Study also shares our financial backing by a leading venture capital firm, TCV, and the story of Chuck Davis’ impressive track record of helping e-commerce companies flourish and grow into large enterprises. Joining our company as CEO in 2014, Chuck was ready to implement changes he thought Prodege needed to accelerate the business. There was a fine line to walk as he understood how special the company culture was to the talented employees, and the importance of preserving what made Prodege unique in the first place. Chuck and Josef teamed up and continue to work together today to achieve their goal of growing the business and making a difference in the lives of more and more consumers.

Helping individuals and families everyday is what our company is all about, and it has been since the beginning. In the early days, Prodege started as an organization that built search engines for private charities and other websites, and eventually it began to offer a variety of popular ‘swag’ to participating consumers. Josef realized we were really onto something and in 2008 invented a proprietary online rewards currency, Swagbucks, which is now our flagship brand!

When Josef decided to start the company, he was not anticipating Prodege would grow to be a leader in the rewards/loyalty business. In just over a decade, we have successfully built a member base of 40 million unique users through our online and mobile channels that include shopping, discover, videos, surveys, search, and games. In addition to our own successful consumer rewards service, Swagbucks, we have acquired two additional consumer rewards sites, MyPoints (2016) and ShopAtHome (2017).  In total, our sites have rewarded members with over $500 million in free gift cards or cash for the everyday things they are already doing online, making us a meaningful part of their lives. Having these valuable consumer relationships has also given us the chance to build three successful business solutions from the ground up, allowing advertisers, publishers, market research firms, and other partners to reach, influence and get feedback from consumers online and on-the-go.

We are very proud of where Prodege has come from and even more excited about the opportunity for our organization to keep growing and helping more people and businesses reach their personal and financial goals!

If you are interested in learning more about Prodege, or doing a feature article that goes more in depth on our business, contact us at b2bmarketing@prodege.com.