Americans view inflation as the top problem facing the country today, and most think government spending is a big reason why. But many are still open to receiving another stimulus check from their state to help them cope with higher prices. 

A Pollfish survey last month of 500 US adults found that 44% of Americans felt government spending was the “biggest cause” of inflation, followed by corporate greed and supply chain issues at 32% and 23% respectively. 

But as over 15 state governments that include California and Florida have taken steps to provide residents some relief, there’s reason to believe many Americans are hoping their states do the same. The same September Pollfish poll — which reported a 5% margin of error — found that 75% of those surveyed “support the idea of stimulus checks as a government response to inflation.” A May Public Policy Institute of California survey of over 1,700 Californians found that 62% supported the state’s $18 billion inflation relief plan, the majority of which is going towards relief payments.

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