After a hiatus from some on Holiday travel and hosting parties last year, how can we expect celebrations to look in the coming weeks? We reached out to our members to get a better understanding of how they plan to spend holidays and what they will do to prepare. 

Will holiday travel be on the rise? It appears that more people will be packing their suitcases. The majority of those we reached out to are “very” or “somewhat” likely to travel by car over the holidays (64%) and/or host a holiday party. Staying the night with family and friends or even taking a vacation is also top of mind!

For those planning on hosting guests, the majority plan to prepare shopping trips by making a list ahead of time, in addition to starting grocery shopping early to ensure items are in stock, likely due to recent supply chain interruptions

They also plan to buy non-food household items in larger quantities – think paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. Seeking out coupons and cash back deals are also high on the list, as well as bundling items together, such as wines, cheese, and crackers for charcuterie boards, or items to decorate cookies with!

What are Holidays without some decoration to spread a little more cheer? Two-in-three plan to purchase some type of decorations, with the most common purchases highlighted below.

As for the estimated total spend on decorations? The majority of decoration buyers say they will spend at least $100 on decorations this year with about a third planning on spending $150+!

Offering cash back for purchases, sales for preferred customers, and frequent doorbuster sales are a few of the shopping strategies retailers may want to keep in mind when trying to appeal to shoppers this year.

Now is the perfect time to get your offers set up! Jumpstart your holiday push and drive sales volume online and in-store.

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