The Prodege team is gearing up for a great conference season, and is looking forward to seeing all of our partners in person again! We are ready to celebrate a brighter future and learn more about industry initiatives that were sparked while we were working from home.

While we certainly know they will look different than years prior, we’re excited to get out from behind that computer screen and bump elbows at these events throughout the year. We hope to see you there! 

Las Vegas, Sept. 19 – 22

SubSummit: Silver Sponsor
Dallas, Sept. 21 – 23

Austin, Sept. 22 – 25

Quirk’s Chicago: Legacy Sponsor
Chicago, Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

Quirk’s London: Legacy Sponsor
London, Oct. 13 – 14

Affiliate Summit West
Las Vegas, Nov. 1 – 3

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU): Registration Sponsor
Las Vegas, Oct. 14 – 15

Quirk’s NY: Legacy Sponsor
New York, Nov. 2 – 3

Nashville, Nov. 15 – 17

Feel free to reach out to if you want to join us onstage at any of these shows or are looking for a discounted ticket to the Quirk’s events, as we can help you out!

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