Creating engaging content that builds brand loyalty can be a tough thing to do for any marketer, especially in today’s world of content saturation. With so many ways to consume, brands to discover, and programs to be a part of, how do you stand out and attract new consumers?  Engaging content provides the editorial context that makes a brand appeal relevant, compelling and trustworthy.

One area many brands have shied away from is engaging rewards platforms. Marketers may not know that rewards programs can successfully drive customer loyalty, increase revenue growth and customer retention by leveraging already existing content that hasn’t been discovered yet.

Reward platforms allow consumers to discover and try new products that they already have an affinity for, based on demographic insights. Having engaging content in all different forms, whether a live game show, news and entertainment clips, social media discussions or team competitions, provides the substance needed to wholly integrate a brand message in a way that grabs attention, sparks curiosity, and most importantly, drives sales. Once a consumer has discovered your brand, it’s important to keep them coming back, as it takes a minimum of 5 touch points before closing a sale.

Loyalty sites hinge on their unique ability to connect potential customers with advertisers, which makes it important that the rewards platform has a strong and diversified member base in order for those new products to be discovered properly.

If you’re considering a move forward with a rewards platform, think outside the box, especially when looking to create content that will retain and find new consumers. Keep in mind how your target consumers are looking to engage with your brand, because engaging content can be in any form, but it has to work for your brand and it has to be consistent.

Reward platforms may be the perfect fit for you – because at the end of the day, it’s you, the brand who is looking to increase revenue, that will benefit the most.

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