In light of a pandemic, are consumers more consciously fitting in a daily dose of nutrients by way of vitamins & supplements and fruits & veggies? We recently surveyed verified purchasers of vitamins/supplements and fresh/frozen/canned fruits and vegetables to learn about key purchase drivers and whether their household consumption has shifted in the past year.

The most influential factors in the decision to purchase vitamins/supplements are to improve physical well being (67%) and “it’s a good way to get enough vitamins and nutrients” (65%). Also holding sway are immune health benefits (46%), improving mental well being (26%) and/or the recommendation of a doctor (26%).

As for household consumption relative to a year ago, one-in-three are consuming more vitamins and supplements now and another 65% have held steady with their consumption.

The leading reason by far in the decision to purchase fresh/frozen/canned fruits & vegetables is “it’s a good way to get enough vitamins and nutrients” (69%). Of secondary influence is to improve physical well being (39%) and/or to cook a specific recipe (32%).

Just 31% of purchasers in this category consider themselves brand loyalists; 69% are open to trying new brands!

At near universal levels (and similar to vitamins & supplements), 98% of fresh fruit and vegetable purchasers say their household is consuming the same amount (66%) or more (32%) than a year ago.

Want to learn more about how our partners are leveraging our access to Verified Purchasers to obtain actionable insights from buyers of specific product categories & brands? We’ll delve into this in an upcoming blog post!

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