Prodege is looking forward to our upcoming webinar for Quirk’s on Wednesday, October 21 at 11am PST/2pm EST titled: Reset or Return? Charting a Course for the Future of Entertainment.

Bess Devenow, Prodege’s Director of Marketing had a thought-provoking conversation with her co-presenter David Baltaxe, President and Chief Intelligence Officer of Unanimous AI to learn more about his cutting-edge technology and provide a glimpse into the webinar.

David has played a pivotal role in developing Unanimous’ Swarm®, a unique tool that combines the power of AI with the depth of real-time customer feedback to obtain actionable insights. “Inspired by how the phenomenon of ‘Swarm Intelligence’ enables groups of animals and insects to make extraordinarily accurate decisions, Swarm® enables groups of humans — such as an HR team or a group of target consumers — to identify optimal choices through consensus and collaboration. The interface prevents individuals from dominating the process or biasing respondents due to title or position. In addition to producing highly accurate results, participants in Swarm sessions report high levels of satisfaction that results reflect their opinions; and high levels of agency and contribution in providing those results. They also frequently report that participating in a Swarm session is fun, and stay late to offer more information.”

When discussing Unanimous AI’s experiences working with Prodege, David offers high praise.“Our experience working with Prodege has been excellent.  We work with many sources for participants, but over the course of years of client projects, we have developed a set of tried-and-true operating processes, such that we (and our partners and customers) have a clear roadmap for executing Swarm engagements with Prodege. I can’t think of a time when Prodege has failed to deliver well-qualified participants. As importantly, those participants show up on time and ready to go.”  

David is excited to be presenting on such a timely topic: “The pandemic has obviously changed so many of our daily behaviors…one of the most interesting is how it is impacting consumption of entertainment.  So much of our traditional entertainment experiences are shared in large groups in enclosed spaces — think about going to a concert or sporting event, or going to the movies — which are not tenable while coronavirus is rampant. Meanwhile, the availability of entertainment at home has increased dramatically. But if we are consuming more content at home and growing less comfortable with going out, what are the implications for a ‘return to normal’?  It has been really eye-opening to delve into the expectations that parents and young adults have for the length and impact of lock-down.”

A Swarm in action

As for the content that’s keeping David entertained from the comfort of his own home, he has enjoyed watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with his wife and daughter, as well as the Stanley Cup playoffs. “I think the NHL did a great job of capturing and conveying the excitement of the sport into our homes. The NBA, NFL, and MLB are all experimenting with how to provide their entertainment content with the limitations of direct fan involvement — and discovering just how important the communal aspects of fandom are. How they manage the next seasons, which are all coming up fast, will be really interesting to see.”

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