Ever find yourself wondering whether your research will be a solid fit for a DIY survey or if it would be a wiser decision to delegate all or some of the steps & services to a team of experts? We’ve compiled a helpful guide of ideal use cases for each scenario.

When a DIY Survey Platform Can Add Value

Experienced with authoring surveys? On a tight budget? Wanting to gather insights from a broad audience? Need a quick pulse on a trending topic or looking to field a short survey? If you find yourself answering yes, to the above, then a DIY survey is likely a smart choice for you. 

Key features to look for in a DIY survey platform include:

  • Templates & flexibility around survey authoring. User-friendly survey authoring tools (bonus if there are survey templates you can leverage) will enable you to easily set up your project so you can quickly start getting the answers you seek. Some platforms will even allow you to insert a link from a survey authored elsewhere if you prefer.
  • Minimal add-on fees. While some DIY platforms come with license fees, there are others that let you “pay as you go.”  
  • The ability to ensure you’re reaching the right respondents. You’ll want a platform that offers the capabilities to help you properly define your audience and set quotas if desired. An added bonus is the ability to target respondents based on verified behaviors, including purchases they’ve made, locations they’ve visited, etc.
  • A variety of outputs for your research results and the ability to easily share your data with others on your team. Having the ability to download your results in whichever format you desire and even visualize your data in engaging charts that can help shape your narrative, ensures your results can be easily understood when shared with key decision makers.
Need a DIY survey on a trending topic? An easy way to convey the narrative of your data? Prodege's got you covered.

Strong Use Cases for Hiring an Insights Partner

Want help with authoring your survey? Have a complex survey that’s difficult to program on your own? Fielding a multi-country survey in need of translation? Pressed for time? Desire customized dashboards to inject life into your data and help you tell your story? You’re likely a good candidate to offset your workload to a team of experts and an insights partner.  

Prodege's team of experts can program over 40 question types for. you!

What if There Was a Partner Who Could Meet You Where You Are?

Our flexible approach at Prodege makes it easy for you to DIY, enlist our team throughout all stages of the process, or tap us in for as many services as you’d like us to oversee on your behalf. Looking for a personalized quote for an upcoming project? We’re happy to help you get the insights you seek!

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