Sustainability has become a big topic, both globally and domestically. But what are consumers looking for when it comes to organizations’ stance on sustainability, and does it impact what they put in their cart?  We turned to our network for their input, and it turns out sustainability is deemed “very” or “somewhat” important by nearly three-quarters (third only to quality and price!). At least half also place importance on the packaging and/or purchasing from companies dedicated to social and environmental change (51-54%).

Top categories that are important when consumers are considering what brand to purchase.

In terms of specific sustainable behaviors currently practiced, the most common are separating out recycling (80%) and/or limiting the use of plastic grocery bags (72%). 

Additionally, two-thirds indicate they limit their use of single-use kitchen supplies, such as straws, baggies & paper towels (66%), and around half indicated they stopped purchasing plastic water bottles and use only refillable ones (52%) and/or make more of an effort to walk or ride their bikes (50%).

We are proud to promote brands that take Earth Day seriously and are actively making positive changes for the environment. 

#1 | Sierra Club is Asking You to Turn Up the Heat for Earth Day 

The Sierra Club is asking its members and allies to rally in the streets and online, putting pressure on lawmakers to protect our environment. 

The Sierra Club has put out an online community call, sharing Earth Day rallies and virtual events for their members and supporters. This includes a training series for those who want to organize a local organization or rally in their own area. 

Giving you the tools to fight for the environment and build community organizing and leadership skills, Sierra Club really is using Earth Day to cultivate the next generation of green activists. 

Our research shows that similar to last year, differences emerge by generation: the majority of Gen Z and Millennial respondents would prefer to get PTO to volunteer in person (55-58%). Conversely, the majority of Gen X & Boomers would prefer to get the stipend to make charitable donations (53-55%).

#2 | Protect the Planet with your GreaterGood Purchase 

GreaterGood sells clothing, jewelry, and other products that support people, pets, and the planet. You can shop for goods that support specific charities or causes, including the environment. 

For Earth Day, shoppers can specifically shop to fund Rainforest Conservation. While this option is available all year long, for Earth Day you can expect the retailer to up its game in terms of product selection and pricing. 

Shoppers can feel good about shopping, too. When you shop to support the rainforest, you can see how many square feet of rainforest you’ll be saving through your purchase. Small daily actions can have a bigger impact for everyone. 

#3 | The Nature Conservancy Wants Us to “Planet Together” 

The Nature Conservancy is using Earth Day as a springboard to help people find their green path to action. 

Supporters can register for their “Let’s Planet Together” Earth Day Event on April 22nd.  Registrants can attend the event virtually or in person at the Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. in Phoenix, Arizona. From coral reef restoration to peer production, attendees can learn ways they can make a greener difference in their own neighborhoods. 

Additionally, The Nature Conservancy shares three easy tips that anyone can do to help be an earth ally for Earth Day. This is a great way to capitalize on the public’s interest in supporting the planet for this environmental holiday. Empowering consumers with the tools to succeed is a major brand win. 

#4 | Palmolive is Reimagining a Healthier Planet 

For Earth Day 2021, Colgate-Palmolive celebrated Earth Month throughout all of April. This included making very public commitments on steps the company will take to protect the environment. 

In a video released on Twitter, Colgate-Palmolive committed to eliminating one-third of new plastics by 2025, operating low-impact, zero-waste production facilities, and achieving net-zero carbon in operations by 2040. Colgate-Palmolive also committed to using 100% renewable energy for all global operations by 2030.

In keeping their promise, Colgate-Palmolive teamed up with Walmart to develop Palmolive Shake & Clean dish soap. This eco-friendly dish soap uses 75% less plastic waste than traditional new 20-oz bottles of dish soap. The product is sold exclusively at Walmart and the two behemoths have joined forces to promote Palmolive Shake & Clean Dish Soap, running a number of digital and print campaigns. 

 #5 | Even Fast Fashion Gives a Nod to Mother Earth for Earth Day

Shein is the global leader in the fast fashion industry. In the US alone, the label accounts for nearly one-third of the fast fashion market – a crowded segment that also includes ZARA, Romwe, Forever 21, and H&M. 

Known for urging shoppers to spend to the max and offering a steady stream of Shein coupons and promotional deals, Shein took a step back for Earth Day. 

For Earth Day 2021, Shein announced it had planted over 600,000 trees through Ecologi. Shein presented this action as their contribution toward combating climate change through reforestation. 

Our Environmentally Friendly Partnerships Don’t Stop There! 

Our consumer brand, CouponCause, partners with hundreds of charities a year, donating a portion of proceeds whenever a registered coupon code is used. Through Prodege’s Own & Operated consumer sites, our members have contributed over half a million dollars to notable philanthropic organizations including those that aim to help better Planet Earth.

In a recent survey conducted by our team, we found that around half of those surveyed in the Gen Z and Millennial age groups indicate they donate to organizations that support environmental issues (48%).

Are you planning to promote your sustainable products for Earth Day this year? It’s not too late to get in front of an active audience of shoppers who are enthusiastic about the environment. And stay tuned for our next Earth Day piece that shares tips on what your business can do this Earth Day!

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