Inflation has been a factor in consumer purchase decisions this year, and Easter is no exception. According to our survey of 1,000 Americans, 7-in-10 say inflation will impact their Easter spending plans. 

28% plan to spend more this year due to costs being higher while 40% will spend less because they have less to spend. 

For brands looking for a way to showcase Easter offers, Prodege’s marketing solutions are the answer! We share targeted offers to an active audience of consumers across our shopping sites. 

Easter Treats

While inflation may play a role in purchase decisions, many Americans will still be celebrating Easter in traditional ways. 

Over half will prepare meals at home, spending an average of $56 on their home-cooked Easter meals. Hot items include potatoes, bread/rolls, and ham. Of those who will serve alcoholic beverages, over 70% will choose wine.

It may come as a surprise, Easter baskets aren’t just for kids! Almost half of those surveyed plan to make an Easter basket for an adult, and 33% will make one for themselves! The most popular items for adults include candy, gift cards, personal care products, and money. 

Searching for Sales

In order to manage their budgets, consumers are searching for sales, discounts, or deals through a cash-back or rewards program. 

Our value-savvy member base continues coming back for cost-savings on everyday products they need, including Easter goodies.

It’s not too late to showcase your offers on our platforms! Let’s connect to learn how we can help you reach your Easter goals. 

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