With so many vendors to choose from these days, you may be wondering – Why Prodege? For starters, our global marketing solutions coupled with our consumer insights platform help leading brands, marketers, and agencies uncover answers to their business questions, acquire new customers, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty. 

In a nutshell…

You want insights? We have answers.

You want to drive traffic and grow your share? We have the tools. 

You want to generate trials and retain subscribers? We can help there, too!

With a limited overlap with other rewards platforms, our consumers are a dominant net new audience that is not active with other platforms. 

Experience the difference with Prodege's net new audience!

We make it easy for you to drive sales by actively marketing your brand’s product to our members through digital media placements, social media, targeted emails, and much more, across our network of consumer sites!

Data and Insights Comin’ At Ya

Our research capabilities aren’t just for consumers to take surveys. We can help brand marketers like you gather insight for future product launches, understand shopper behavior through verified purchase data, and even assist in planning your in-store experience. 

Curious to know if your shelf placement will work? Give it a test run on our In-Store Grocery Shelf Test to get a deeper understanding of how shoppers will view your product on the shelf in the store. 

Need to know which product consumers will purchase based on budget? We got you. Our Virtual Shopping simulates product purchases to help you learn what shoppers may select when given a variety of options.

What about actionable insights on leading product categories? Our observations into these popular topics shed light on not just the how but the why when it comes to purchase behavior. Just take a look at what shoppers are saying about snack bars!

And soon, our consumers will be able to link their retailer accounts to our shopping app, Tada, allowing for an ‘always on’ data feed that automatically collects the where, when, and what when it comes to purchase behavior. All our shoppers will need to do is select to ‘scan’ their account after a transaction and boom! Automatic insight for us, and exciting rewards for them. 

Last but not least, learn how effective your advertisements are through our ad effectiveness solutions. Using our opt-in online consumer audience, we can measure impression volumes in real-time and visualize results in our cloud-based dashboarding tool.

But Wait, There’s More!

76% of our consumers are the Chief Decision Maker in their household. Yes, 76%! That means, not only are your offers being seen by millions of consumers but millions of the right consumers. 

Prodege also has the advantage of being retailer agnostic. We have the flexibility to work with any retailer, for any program, nationally. We can close the loop from digital to physical and are a perfect complement to e-commerce, with the ability to get shoppers in-store through push notifications.  

Not to mention how we influenced $4B in GMV for our partners in 2021, and the $2B in rewards we recently paid to our members, further proof we have a large, engaged audience with a desire to spend! 

So Why Prodege? Why not! Join the 6,500+ global partners leveraging our customized marketing solutions, increasing their revenue and reaching new consumers. 

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