EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In recognition of September as College Savings Month, Upromise, the leading college savings rewards program, has compiled an infographic of 10 Things Parents Should Know About College Savings. Key among them is the power of making regular contributions to tax-free 529 college savings plans. Saving just $100 each month for 15 years, invested at a 6% annual return, will produce over $30,000 in a college savings account, according to Upromise.

Upromise believes so strongly in the importance of savings for college that it offers a $30 reward just for opening a free Upromise.com account and linking it to a 529 college savings plan. The free Upromise program then offers cash back rewards on everyday purchases that supplement college savings.

When it comes to saving for college, finance experts continue to preach “Don’t wait; start now.” “By making regular contributions to a 529 plan, even as little as $50 each month will amount to considerable savings based on the power of compounded interest,” says Derek DeLorenzo, Sr. Director for Upromise 529 Programs and one of the nation’s top experts on education saving strategies. 

With college costs rising and college degrees continuing to open doors to better employment opportunities, Upromise is committed to its goal of making it easier for families to save for college by sharing the latest trends, proven strategies, and even creative ways of paying for school. 

DeLorenzo’s biggest tip, “Simply start chipping away at college savings now, and don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by viewing it as an overwhelming expense.” He says, “Save for college with modest and regular contributions; frequency and consistency are key to long-term success.”

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Bess Devenow

Sr. Director of Marketing

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