It is widely known in the business world that it is much more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. This is why Prodege’s flexible solutions to obtain critical insights to help you to both gain and retain customers are key.

Ways to View Your Brand Through Your Customers’ Eyes

From quantitative research such as NPS and store exit surveys, to obtaining rich and detailed feedback from qualitative research in the form of video testimonials and more, you can uncover new decision patterns and trends among verified purchasers of your products.

The Only Constant Is Change

With variables (among consumers and within the marketplace) constantly changing, not only is it important to get a current pulse on consumers’ perceptions of your brands, it’s important to keep your finger on that pulse.

One way to conduct ongoing research into perceptions about and habits around your brands is to utilize a Brand + Sentiment tracker. This tracker allows for a continuous glimpse into the health of your brands, as well as your brands as compared to key competitors.

Tactics to Track

We continuously leverage our ability to target verified purchasers to track consumer insights among known buyers of specific product categories. We can use these observations to help boost your brand’s reputation, as well as your sales. 

Another helpful way to track customer perceptions is tracking your brand’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), which can be used as a way to determine – and keep abreast of – customers’ experience with, usage of, and loyalty to a brand, among other insights. Tracking this score over time is one way to recognize trends.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know about your ideal customer and how they view your brand, the better you’ll be able to target them. Prodege’s engaged consumer audience and advanced targeting capabilities makes this possible.

It’s this understanding of your customers that enables you to deliver them a great experience and, in turn, win their loyalty.

After gathering brand insights, utilize Prodege’s Data Visualization offerings to easily distribute this actionable data across your organization to drive engagement and improvement.

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