From learning who Gen Z is, to better understanding their shopping habits, we covered the most asked questions about the newest generation. 

Now, it’s time to share ways you can catch their attention!

Here are a few core takeaways and pieces of advice for businesses and marketers trying to target the latest generation.

Do not skimp on content creation… The life of a Zoomer is literally a life lived in pictures.

The life of a Gen Zer is a life lived in pictures.
  • Cover all Digital and Social Touchpoints: A generation of true digital natives, Gen Zers are everywhere. Their time and attention span are fleeting, so you’ll want to meet them where they are. You may need to beef up your internal resources to engage with them across all these different channels, and hire employees fluent in “young people” speak.
  • Stunning, Eye-Catching Content: Do not skimp on content creation. Gen Z is always on their mobile phones, and you need to stop them dead in their scrolls. It’s not enough to slap up a post. It needs to be visually stunning. A Facebook image that is clumsily re-stretched or resized to “work” on Instagram will not work. Beyond impeccable editing, you likely need different content (imagery and media assets) for each channel. Zoomers gravitate towards the unique, the creative, and the beautiful. The life of a Zoomer is literally a life lived in pictures!
  • Interactive Content: Beautiful content means nothing if it’s not engaging! Create time-sensitive posts and urge viewers to act now. And don’t forget to ask for shares and tags, and create clever hashtags, quizzes, and polls. If you’re looking to get in front of this audience in an engaging and fun way, our sponsorships through the Swagbucks LIVE trivia game are the perfect way to highlight your brand. We can even dedicate trivia questions relating to you, and increase the prize amount in your brand’s name. With 68% of our Zoomer audience on Swagbucks LIVE in just 2022 alone, you can’t go wrong!
  • Have a Personality: Your brand should have a sense of humor on display – wry and snarky, or fun-loving and down-to-earth. And that personality should remain consistent.
  • Echo and Articulate Personal Values: Zoomers want to shop from brands with shared values. Generation Zers care about racial justice, #BlackLivesMatter, gender inclusivity, body positivity, climate change, and the environment. Brands wooing Zoomers must come out emphatically in support of these causes. It is not enough to remain silent or issue-neutral. Our latest research shows that when viewing advertisements, Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to pay very or somewhat close attention to whether social responsibility and sustainability are emphasized (51-60%).
  • Communicate Your Amazing Quality: Zoomers are more frugal, but they will invest in quality – especially items that are heirloom quality, sustainable, hand-tooled or artisan-made. Offer them beautiful, long-lasting, and intentional pieces.
  • Facilitate Personalized Products and Experiences: Gen Zers want a more customized experience – it’s an expectation more than a “nice to have” attribute. This means preview features (seeing how furniture fits a room or a new haircut will look), personal recommendations (based on style quizzes or items they’re considering), and customizable options so the shopper can design their own personal version.
  • Build an Army of Advocates: You need Influencers to reach Gen Z consumers. Not just any influencers, you need Gen Z influencers who resonate with your brand’s “tribe” of followers and who are able to create amazing visual content. Some tips: look at what competitors are tagging and mentioning, follow blogs and bloggers, and do relevant keyword searches on YouTube and TikTok. For more high-octane influencers, reach out to agencies, or just check the influencer’s profile – they’ll have their business contact email listed. Or promote your offers our Facebook Live, where our engaging hosts showcase brands (from unboxing to wine tasting and more) to a minimum of 15,000 consumers, weekly! Our new mobile app, SwagIt, is also a fun way for consumers, specifically Gen Zers, to create and discover short, inspirational, and informative videos.

Generation Z is ready to spend its dollars on new brands, but they need to be engaged. You need to command Zoomer’s attention on all different digital fronts. Repeatedly!

With 22% of our overall audience considered Zoomers, don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your offers through our variety of solutions.  

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