Groupon has entered into a distribution partnership with internet and media company Prodege, with the aim of Prodege providing its customer base with more money-saving and rewards-earning opportunities by accessing Groupon’s card-linked offers, according to a press release from the company.

According to the release, Prodege has awarded its members with over $700 million in cash and gift cards. With the new partnership, Groupon will provide Prodege with card-linked offer content for local restaurants and other merchants. Prodege members will be able to load Groupon card-linked offers onto an eligible payment card, and receive cash back or points redeemable for other retailers’ gift cards.

Groupon reaches one out of every five U.S. internet users every month, but they are working to move beyond that.

“This distribution partnership follows the increased demand trend that we’ve seen for more white-labeled content that’s hyperlocal and seamless for consumers to use,” said Groupon’s Chief Product Officer Sarah Butterfass, who joined the company at the end of 2018. “Card-linked offers are one of the many voucherless initiatives that are helping us build real inventory at scale and expand our reach.”

Groupon said that at the end of June, it had about 5.1 million customers enrolled in its Groupon+ loyalty program, which is designed to offer customers voucher-free discounts that link to charge cards, while also providing them with rebates when they use the program.

GasBuddy is another recent Groupon partner, aimed at saving customers money on fuel. Under the terms of the deal, Groupon will provide GasBuddy with local food and drink merchants’ card-linked offers. Consumers can then load offers directly to an eligible payment card. Once customers visit businesses with these offers and pay with their enrolled card, they’ll receive GasBuddy GasBack points redeemable for free gas at 95 percent of U.S. gas stations through the Pay with GasBuddy program.

This move follows Groupon’s goal in offering more options to a wider audience. The company announced an expanded outreach effort in 2018 and recently ventured into the event space, entering into third-party partnerships with ticketing platforms to list tickets on the Groupon platform.

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