Growth and scale are at the forefront of every business strategy. What does that look like for brands working with a solution provider like Prodege? 

Powered by our active and loyal customers through cash back reward programs, our guaranteed performance model provides growth solutions for CPG brands in need of new and returning shoppers.  

Discover a New Audience 

Discovering a new audience has never been easier. Prodege has an 80% net new diversified audience that is not active on other rewards platforms. This allows for repeat spenders with a high propensity to try new brands and products.

Grow and scale with Prodege's marketing solutions and 80% net new audience.

Additionally, brands working with Prodege benefit from an increase in brand engagement. From push notifications alerting shoppers of new deals at specific retailers to paid media placements promoting offers, targeted emails linking back to shopping pages, and live video and trivia games, our consumers can access offers in a variety of ways.

Build Consumer Loyalty

Our latest eBook shares how in these uncertain times, more consumers are looking for cash back programs to manage budgets, incentivizing them to be repeat buyers. With a value-savvy member base, Prodege can sway purchase behavior using rewards that continue to bring shoppers back for cost-savings, while also exposing them to brands that may be new to them.

Common use case scenarios for brands working with Prodege include acquiring first-time purchasers, driving trial and repeat purchases, new product launches, and cross-portfolio programs. 

Repeat visits, whether online or in-store, typically fall in the 30%-50% benchmark range for Prodege campaigns. In addition, brands can gain valuable shopping behavioral insights that help further customer segmentation and retention strategies. These insights come from first-party data including receipt uploads that share units sold, first-time purchasers, demographic information, and percent of lift and shift share. 

Prodege helps leading brands, marketers, and agencies gather rich insights, acquire new customers, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty and product adoption. Contact us today to grow your sales in-store and online with our marketing programs. 

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