There’s a rewards credit card for just about everything. You’ve probably heard of travel credit cards and cash back credit cards that earn extra on groceries, gas, or office supplies. But in an age when much of our spending is done from the comfort of our own homes, where are the credit cards that earn big on online shopping?

You’ll find a few rewards credit cards for online shopping that earn more with certain retailers. But here’s one underrated way to save money with your rewards card on a wide range of online purchases.

Using shopping portals to get discounts and bonus rewards

Many people don’t realize that their rewards program might have an online shopping portal that’s filled with additional savings and rewards. This is different from redeeming your rewards points for online shopping, typically a low-value redemption.

These shopping portals can help you earn extra credit card points, airline miles, or cash back on items you already planned to buy. Sometimes, they even include promo codes for additional discounts on your purchase. When you shop through these portals, the final purchase is still made through the retailer’s website, so you’re getting the same product for less.

This is one of the most underused and best ways to earn more credit card rewards, whether you want to earn points, miles, or cash back. On top of what you earn through the portal, you still earn the regular rewards rate on whatever credit card you use, essentially allowing you to double-dip with a single purchase.

Types of shopping portals

Not every rewards program includes a shopping portal, and some shopping portals aren’t associated with any one rewards program. In general, there are portals that earn you additional credit card points, portals that earn airline miles, and portals that earn cash back.

  • Credit card points shopping portals: These include the Ultimate Rewards “Shop through Chase” portal, Barclays RewardsBoost, and Wells Fargo Earn More Mall.
  • Airline loyalty program shopping portals: These include Delta’s SkyMiles Shopping, American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping, JetBlue Airways TrueBlue Shopping, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Shopping, and United Airlines MileagePlus Shopping.
  • Cash back shopping portals: These include Rakuten (formerly Ebates), Mr. Rebates, Citi Bonus Cash Center,, Upromise, and TopCashback.

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