With Women’s History month coming to a close, we surveyed 1,092 American females to uncover the women and achievements they honor from decades past to present day and what they hope for women in the future.

These females identify the top significant milestones for women thus far as women’s suffrage and the Equal Pay Act. As for which specific category they perceive women to have made the most impact, education tops the list (35%), followed by motherhood/child rearing, politics and science.

With the aid of a list, over half identify Rosa Parks as having made the most historical impact (52%). Generating more secondary acclaim are Mother Teresa (22%), Helen Keller (11%), Amelia Earhart (10%) and Queen Elizabeth II (5%).

Turning to the present, these female respondents foremost peg Ruth Bader Ginsburg as their favorite modern female icon (42%, led by Boomer and Gen X females). The remainder are more divided between Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, Simone Biles, Taylor Swift, Serena Williams and Meghan Markle (7-13% overall).

As for favorite “girl power” movies, two movies vie for the top spot: Hidden Figures (29%) and A League of Their Own  (25%, led by Boomers).  Fewer deem Wonder Woman, Legally Blonde, or Charlie’s Angels their favorite (10-19%).

When thinking ahead, those surveyed foremost view the biggest challenge facing women in the future as the struggle for working moms to find balance in their day-to-day lives (34%). Cited secondarily are receiving equal pay as their male counterparts, fully cracking the glass ceiling/removing gender barriers to becoming a leader at work, or maintaining reproductive rights (18-24%).

Looking for answers from a specific audience, such as working mothers?  We’d love to learn more so that we can help you!

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