Road trips, extended vacations, or all of the above: what is in store this summer when it comes to consumer travel and entertaining? We reached out to over 1,000 members in our network in the US and over 1,000 of our members in the UK to learn whether they’ll be filling their calendars with plans this summer to make up for lost time!  

The forecast looks bright for traveling and hosting in both countries!

Relative to last summer, roughly four-in-ten Americans are more apt to indicate they’re planning to travel or host/attend events just as much (37%), with another 33% looking to travel and participate in events even more than summer 2021.

Similarly in the UK, 39% of those we surveyed plan to travel and host or attend more events than last year with three-in-ten anticipating similar activity to last summer.

Despite fueled desire to get out more, inflation may put a wrench in some plans…

Those who plan to travel or participate in events less than last summer chiefly cite gas prices, COVID concerns, rising food and beverage prices, lodging increases, and flights as deterrents. 

…However, the majority in both countries still have plans to get away!

Six-in-ten in the US and UK have plans to take at least one long weekend or extended vacation (three nights or more) this summer, and most commonly anticipate taking a vacation not tethered to a holiday. For those who are planning to vacation during the holidays, July 4th in the US and Summer Bank Holiday in the UK are the most appealing holiday travel windows.

Consumer travel will be popular in both the US and the UK this summer.

Gas, flights, and lodging prices are the top reasons consumers are unsure of their travel plans in both the US and UK with a smaller percent keeping an eye on COVID news and cases. 

From hosting or attending cookouts, to participating in sports, celebrating special occasions, and enjoying time outdoors, many fun priorities are on the horizon as the weather warms.

With celebrations for special occasions postponed for the past couple of years, our audience is ready to bring on the celebrations! Father’s Day is the top occasion to be celebrated in the coming weeks by Americans, followed by milestone birthdays, graduations, and family reunions. In the UK, milestone birthdays and family reunions will get top billing, with Father’s Day close behind. 

How will consumers who are traveling get to their final destination? In the US, traveling by car is by far the most common way of getting to their summer destinations (78%), with flying (37%) coming up secondarily. However, in the UK, our consumers are more divided between driving (55%) and flying (47%). When it comes to where they’ll rest their head at night, travelers in both countries plan to stay in a hotel/motel or with family, with a smaller group looking at vacation rentals.

Reach out today to showcase your enticing summer travel offers to a unique and engaged consumer audience who is ready to pack their suitcases and go! 

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