Stuart Gullock is the latest addition to Prodege’s international team. A market research industry veteran, Stuart recently joined Prodege as VP, Sales and brings his wealth of insights experience along with his enthusiasm about our custom research solutions.

From Quality Data to Quality People

Stuart explains that Prodege caught his eye because it has “quickly established itself as a leader in [the market research] industry.”

Stuart says that he strongly believes in Prodege’s products, which makes it easy to sell. He notes, “We’re pretty lucky at Prodege to have a suite of custom research solutions that could help tick any box a client looking for data collection could ever want or need. We know you need quality data for your projects, and we’ve made it easy for you to navigate that journey by either using the latest tech (including our new AI-supported survey creation tool to help minimize your time to insights) or partnering with our in-house experts who are super focused on client and respondent experience, who step up and work hard to get you what you need. One thing you will get working with us is a certainty that we will deliver what we promise.”

VP, Sales Stuart Gullock believes in the power of Prodege’s Custom Research Solutions

On Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders & What Interests Him Beyond Work

Stuart believes his strengths lie in leadership – specifically, “using [his] experience, ideas, and creativity to build teams and also develop opportunities for individuals.” He has received a great deal of good advice during his long career – for one, “Making sure I consider things or circumstances holistically and not just from my viewpoint was a crucial piece of advice that has really helped me out.” Eager to pass on good career advice to others, one of his recommendations is, “Be intentional and purposeful in everything you put your hand to and collaborate with people as often as possible.”

Stuart stresses that, “Since we spend a lot of time at work, I think it’s very important to enjoy what you do and have fun.” And although he makes sure to have fun at work, he also does so outside of work, largely through music. “My main interest is in music. I’m constantly listening to music and like discovering new bands and going to gigs. If I manage to find five minutes, I love playing and composing on any instrument I might have lying around the house.”

Stuart will be attending the MRS 2023 Insight Alchemy Conference on March 14. If you’ll be there as well, make sure to connect with him!

Looking to understand more about Prodege’s international reach and research capabilities? Schedule a quick chat with Stuart to learn more!

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