Instead of waiting outside your local Best Buy on Black Friday, why not stay home and shop online? You can skip the crowds, avoid aching feet, and duck the drama of parking the car at the mall. Online shoppers also have a secret weapon: Online rebate sites.

These sites, such as Ebates and Swagbucks, work on the simple principle that retailers will do just about anything, including shelling out cash, to gain paying customers. The rebate sites act as referrers – they refer you to retailer’s websites, and the retailer gives them a bonus if you make a purchase. To inspire you to their sites (instead of heading directly to the retailer’s sites), online rebate sites offer you a small portion of that bonus.

For Black Friday, Swagbucks will offer triple Swagbucks on all of its participating shop-and-earn stores. According to Swagbucks COO and co-founder Scott Dudelson, the company will also give away free Swagbuckws to its members on Black Friday via various social-media channels. In other words, just hanging around Swagbucks’ website or its Facebook page could get you some extra cash.

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