Research has evolved remarkably when thinking back to when paper surveys took days for the results to be tabulated. I’m old enough to remember the paper survey days, which for me, included confirming that the questionnaires were printed in a different color for each market.

Technology has not only helped with the turnaround time but has also made a variety of types of research more accessible and cost-effective.

Our market research team weighed in on what types of research are most in demand besides traditional quant surveys. Their top responses illustrate that we are immersed in an exciting era of research.

Topping the list are IHUTs (In-Home Usage Tests), followed by mobile qualitative research, and multi-day diary studies.

Senior Account Manager, Roberto Velez provides his take on why these types of requests have surged at Prodege in recent years: “At Prodege, we offer our panelists a variety of ways to earn rewards beyond surveys, including watching videos, playing games, and shopping. Our unique engagement model fosters member retention and ongoing participation, which helps us successfully execute projects beyond the typical quant survey. Our members love new and engaging opportunities, so we excel at providing high-quality respondents for personal, in-the-moment, and interactive research projects like in-home usage tests and mobile qualitative studies.”

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