Whether it’s the desire to grow your team, expand your product lineup, invest in new technology, or secure the additional budget needed to achieve your KPIs, many business decisions require the buy-in of senior leadership. The best way to obtain this approval is to arm yourself with data to back up your requests.

Validate Your Hunches

Before investing valuable time and resources on a hunch, turn to market research to ensure you’re making educated decisions based on data.

Begin by obtaining actionable input from consumers ahead of any product release. Specifically, concept tests can help you uncover what consumers see as a product’s key benefits and drawbacks and give you a sense as to whether there’s strong purchase interest. Additionally, Prodege can help you virtually simulate in-store shelf environments to measure whether your product is catching the eyes of shoppers.

Employ these techniques in order to validate proof of concept and product appeal among your target market before launching and take this validation to leadership.

Bring Consumer Insights to Life

When we think about data, we often think about hard numbers and statistics, however, qualitative research is extremely valuable in helping to not only collect meaningful data but to bring it to life in a compelling manner, be it through a live session chat, focus group and/or in-depth interviews.

Additionally, Prodege’s consumer video insights enable respondents to easily provide their thoughtful feedback through recording and uploading video, audio, and images.

No longer just words on paper from a faceless consumer, these video testimonials work to personalize the customer across your organization and to bring to light their opinions and needs.

With video being one of the most powerful mediums for storytelling, Prodege’s innovative capabilities in this area provide the ability to not only discover consumer attitudes, behaviors, emotions, and trends but to inspire buy-in from stakeholders.

Through our ability to target purchasers of specific retailers and brands, obtain rich video testimonials from your brand enthusiasts or detractors.

Show Don’t Tell

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” holds true in that it is one approach to tell senior leadership about your notable research findings, but it is a much more effective strategy to show them.

After using these tactics to gather meaningful insights, it’s necessary to present your findings in a way most likely to influence key decision makers.

Often senior leaders – especially those not well versed in the data and insights space – can have a challenging time grasping the significance of research findings. That’s why Prodege’s Data Visualization solution enables you to communicate actionable takeaways in an easily understandable, visually stimulating, and powerful manner. As put by one satisfied client: “Prodege has been a valuable asset in helping to prove our effectiveness. The quick turnaround of results within the Data Viz platform has allowed us to better service our advertising partners in delivering valuable campaign insights.”
User friendly and intuitive, leverage this tool to quickly create branded custom charts, engaging tables, and editable PowerPoint visuals to enable your key insights to be clearly presented to the decision makers at your organization.

Data (and the way in which it's presented) can illuminate impactful business decisions.

Drive It Home

As market research is used for making strategic business decisions, it is useful to be armed with these insights when approaching senior leadership for their buy-in. Utilize these resources to make your point and drive it home.

Interested in learning more about some of the many types of research we have available to achieve your objectives? Read on for an overview of our key offerings designed to help you unearth insights quickly and cost-effectively.

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