Last summer, Prodege took the exciting step of acquiringBitBurst, a technology-based market research company that connects millions of targeted respondents with surveys every year. Both Prodege and BitBurst have innovative proprietary technologies which power mobile consumer insights, making the two companies a natural fit to join forces. Only six months in, “BitBurst has already benefited from Prodege’s experience,” says Jan Asbach, BitBurst CEO and Co-founder. Ben Asbach, BitBurst’ other CEO and Co-founder, elaborates, “The combination of Prodege and BitBurst offers a lot of potential. Here, Prodege, a successful company with established processes meets BitBurst, which is characterized by agility, dynamism, and cutting-edge technology.”

BitBurst's Ben Asbach discusses mobile consumer insights.

Bursting Onto the Mobile Consumer Insights Scene

In sitting down with Ben and Jan to discuss BitBurst, its birth, and why Prodege was the “Pole Star” for the startup, Jan details, “BitBurst was created in 2015 while Ben and I were still in school. Our first idea was already aimed at rewarding users for consuming promotional videos and the like. While for other developers the focus was on the development itself, our interest from the beginning was to monetize as efficiently as possible.” Ben points out that, “BitBurst’s rapid growth comes from its agile approach and self-disruptive principles.”

Agile Research Solutions Are the Future

After entering the data + insights space, Jan remembers learning about Prodege, noting, “When we first became aware of the strategically important players in the market, Prodege impressed us with its efficient combination of market research and advertising. Driven by this mission, we started planning the integration of advertisers into our apps and publisher network. So Prodege was a Pole Star for us even before the acquisition.”
As a major focus of Prodege’s is to continue to support our market research business with new audiences and cutting-edge and agile solutions, teaming up with BitBurst has enabled us to expand our international supply base, making it easier for clients to access millions of consumers’ opinions in an agile manner. The acquisition has allowed both companies to scale faster and learn from one another.

BitBurst's Jan Asbach discusses mobile consumer insights.

BitBurst Raises the Bar

In shedding light on how Ben and Jan got to where they are today, Jan offered the advice of “Question processes and ways of working often. This sometimes hurts in the short term but leads to long-term success.“ Both men say that they strive every day to “make the best possible contribution to make the team successful.” And while they say they work to be “effective” with their time, this also includes making time for activities outside of work. Both men are very active and say you can find them at the gym – and occasionally the bar – after work. While Ben supports his friends at the local handball club, Jan is passionate about healthy vegetarian food and dedicates some of his “off” time to environmental protection efforts.

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