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Ever find yourself looking at a company’s website and not getting the information you’re hoping to find? Here at Prodege, we want you to look at our website and easily understand who Prodege is and how we’re able to solve your challenges to enable you to achieve actionable insights and business success. To help you get up to speed with our range of flexible offerings, we have refreshed our website to include several new and detailed product pages.

Getting Actionable Insights From Consumers Has Never Been Easier

From Concept Tests to Store Exit Surveys, our Quantitative Research page previews the many types of research we have available to achieve your objectives.

One way to derive actionable insights and business success is through Store Exit Surveys, one of the types of quantitative research we provide.

But it’s not enough to know if people like something; it’s necessary to get to the bottom of why they feel the way they do. With the necessity and popularity of Qualitative Research growing, Prodege’s Qualitative Research page showcases our ability to recruit specific audiences of engaged participants for a range of qualitative research projects.

Our Ad Effectiveness page explains how we can reach the right people to confirm if your ad resonates among your intended audience; our consumers are profiled on thousands of attributes, making targeting easy.

From DIY Research to Understanding the Why Behind the Buy

Looking to get answers from consumers quickly and cost-effectively? Our innovative all-in-one research platform peeq makes it easy to obtain insights from a wide audience of consumers, enabling you to easily build, launch, and visualize your research all in one convenient place. After gathering your research, learn more about how we’ve perfected Data Visualization capabilities to aid you in displaying your findings in a visually stimulating manner that’s easy to interpret when shared widely.  

From online to offline purchase history, Prodege’s Behavioral Data provides visibility when you need it and grants you access to verified purchasers of specific categories and brands so that you can target the consumers you need to hear from and field shorter surveys.

In-the-Moment Insights At Your Fingertips

A valuable way to get on-the-go feedback is to reach consumers where they are. Read more about our Mobile Research capabilities and come away with an understanding of how we can help you survey consumers who have visited a range of supermarkets, retailers and restaurants while in-store or immediately following a trip.

Prodege’s Mobile Research capabilities provide actionable insights and business success regardless of your campaign or project.

Once we’ve utilized the above mentioned methods to profile and target the right audience, ensure your next campaign is a success by leveraging our Personalized Marketing Offers to drive awareness and boost sales. 

We hope these product pages provide you with a good grasp on how partnering with us can help you quickly get answers to your business questions and achieve your KPIs. Got a project or campaign you’re ready to launch or want to learn more about any of our flexible offerings? Please drop us a line and we’ll look forward to partnering with you on it!

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