Americans traditionally resolve to begin eating more healthfully and adopting an exercise regimen in the New Year, but a survey from Los Angeles-based internet and media company Prodege shows that those perennial aspirations have been joined by the perhaps more achievable goal of cleaning up a different aspect of life.

According to a survey of 1,334 Prodege members age 18-69, nine out of 10 identified “exercise more” or “eat healthier” as the most clichéd New Year’s resolutions, while the one they deemed least clichéd but also the easiest to keep was to “be more diligent about keeping my home clean and tidy.”

Beyond their desire to keep a cleaner home, the survey uncovered additional facts regarding shoppers’ attitudes toward housework and the products needed to perform it.

When it comes to division of labor in housework, the majority of surveyed men living with a spouse or significant other (59%) said that they split chores equally with their partner. Surveyed women had a decidedly different view of the matter, however, with nearly two-thirds noting that “I do most of the housework.”

Cooking was considered the most desirable household task, followed by grocery shopping, while both genders picked washing dishes as their least favorite chore.

Interestingly, despite the rising interest in sustainable cleaning products, only 11% of respondents identified environmentally friendly/sustainable as the most important factor when choosing a home cleaning product, putting price first (47%). A familiar brand name was the second most important consideration (21%), with popular brands like Clorox, Dawn, Lysol and Windex getting name-checked.

“Shopping today offers a wide variety of products and brands available in stores, cleaning products being just one example,” said Freddy Cavin, VP, Prodege‘s sales and shopper marketing. “To drive brand engagement, Prodege has recently introduced Shoply, an innovative approach to retail that helps brands move units off the shelves without the need for coupons. Shoply also provides actionable consumer insights into the who, what and why behind the buy.”

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