Online Qualitative Research is Becoming More Common: Are You Leveraging it?

With free time at a premium and notable advances in technology, online qualitative research has been on the rise in recent years. Add in the concerns and safety protocols necessitated by a global pandemic and online qualitative research has continued to grow in adoption. When embracing online qual, what happens if you find yourself having difficulty gleaning actionable insights due to a) experiencing no-shows/fewer respondents than planned for your virtual session b) finding participation to be lackluster or c) all of the above?

By partnering with Prodege, you’ll get the full turnout of engaged participants you’re searching for to provide you with the detailed and insightful feedback you deserve. We pride ourselves on our global reach which allows you access to a wide range of consumer audiences, our industry-leading recontact rates for follow up research, quick turnaround, and the ability to recruit to the platform of our clients’ choice.

Prodege is highly experienced in recruiting for a range of online qualitative research products.

How to Get the Engaged Participants You Seek

Prodege is well equipped to recruit for a plethora of online qualitative research including online focus groups, online bulletin boards, video diaries, live session chats, text chats, in-depth interviews, short-term brand/product communities, and more. We regularly receive accolades from our partners about our capabilities in online qual recruiting. As put by Danielle Rissmeyer, Director, Project and Vendor Management at Remesh: “Working with Prodege has allowed us to provide quality sample and a smooth recruitment process from beginning to end for our large-scale qual sessions. We can always count on the team for fast recruitment programming, excellent screening and quota delivery, low incidence rate audiences, and timely turnaround for all our projects. The customer service of their project management team is unmatched.”

Looking to gather rich, detailed feedback and bring the customer to life across your organization? Read more about our capabilities to help you obtain insightful consumer video responses.

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