Has more time at home with the fur family led to shelling out more dollars for them? Our recent survey of 310 pet owners reveals that one-in-three have increased their spending on pet food and supplies relative to pre-pandemic (six-in-ten peg the increase at $100+) with 27% indicating they have been spending more on pet “extras” (clothing, toys, etc).

A third of pet owners also fess up to buying something for their pet(s) that others might consider ridiculous. Curious as to what they’re buying Cooper and Luna? We’ll throw you a bone:

“I bought them toys meant for actual human children. One of the toys even talks when they touch a certain part of it.”
“Started buying special CBD dog treats and tincture, which is pretty expensive.” 
“A dog cake for his birthday. We also bought him a dog yarmulke for his bark mitzvah.”
“A water fountain for my cat.” 
“A very expensive probiotic treatment for humans I saw advertised on the Internet.”
My chickens do not get medicated feed but I bought them herbs to eat and to put in their nesting boxes. The cats, I made them their own table to eat at in their own house that we built them with running water and electricity.” 
“A special robe towel for my dog.”
“I have a space pod backpack that I take my cat for walks in.”

Looking to obtain insights from owners of specific types of pets or other hard-to-reach segments? We’ve got you covered!

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