Has it ever occurred to you that you may be paying more for certain products by virtue of your gender? The term “pink tax” was coined to describe the phenomenon of products marketed to women often carrying a heftier price tag than similar versions marketed to men. Keen to get a female perspective and determine whether they are loyal to specific brands regardless of the price, we recently surveyed 1,160 female verified in-store purchasers of popular personal care brands.

Nearly half of these female purchasers perceive that personal care products “geared towards women are more expensive than products geared towards men.” In terms of which products offer the best value relative to the price paid, soap/body wash tops the list (33%), followed by deodorant (26%). By contrast, razors/blades are viewed as offering the worst value (34%).

When considering brand loyalty for personal care products, six-in-ten have a preferred facial skincare brand, with just over half of a similar mindset towards shampoo/conditioner and tampons/pads (52% in both cases). Bucking the trend, the majority of those who regularly purchase diapers/wipes haven’t forged loyalty to a specific brand, opting to either buy which brand is “on sale/what I have a coupon for” (50%) or choosing the store brand because it’s “usually less expensive” (11%).

But with indications of price hikes on the horizon for many types of products (such as diapers), 47% of these females wish there was a way to keep the prices for personal care products “consistent because the prices seem to be continually rising.” 

When prices rise, is brand loyalty bound to suffer? It depends on how much more they have to pay. For each of the four product categories mentioned earlier (facial skincare, shampoo/conditioner, tampons/pads, diapers/wipes), the majority of those with a preferred brand would be willing to pay up to 10% more. Just 8-13% would be willing to pay 20% or more for their favorite brand.

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