AdGate Media is the Third Company to Join Prodege in 2022

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., July 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Prodege, a cutting-edge marketing and consumer insights platform, announced today that it has acquired AdGate Media, a digital advertising company that connects users of popular websites and apps with premium brands. This acquisition furthers Prodege’s mission to help our clients reach engaged audiences.

Founded in 2011, AdGate Media builds advertising tools for marketers, including a DIY solution that provides a new way for clients and partners to engage with consumers and benefit from the anytime-access, robust monetization suite for developers, with seamless integration for desktop and mobile applications.

This acquisition enhances Prodege’s mission to provide clients and partners with more high-quality connections with engaged consumers to help drive their businesses.

“We are very impressed by AdGate Media’s ability to maximize revenue for digital advertisers and app developers, driving quality users to engage with premium brands. AdGate Media complements our existing portfolio and we are thrilled to welcome them into the Prodege family,” says Prodege CEO and Chairman, Chuck Davis. “AdGate Media will help us to maintain our focus on providing a high-quality audience at scale for our clients’ campaigns.”

“Prodege has built a strong reputation for innovation, acquiring new audiences and bolstering revenues for its clients and partners,” says AdGate Media founders Dan Sapozhnikov and Sean Glickman. “AdGate’s focus is on rewarding users for their engagement with advertisements and, like Prodege, we share a commitment to our audience, comprised of both our clients and our consumers. We are thrilled to join the Prodege family and continue to build out our product suite.”

Over the last two years, Prodege has continued to build a solid acquisition pipeline to support its business with new audiences and cutting-edge technology, including BitBurst earlier this month and Pollfish in February 2022.

Read the full release here.


Jess Batty

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