In honor of Women’s History Month, we saw it appropriate to acknowledge one of the noteworthy women of Prodege: Rajdeep Chana, Director, New Sales, based in the UK.

Learn about Rajdeep Chana and her journey as a woman in market research

The Best Decision

Although having joined Prodege only three months ago, Rajdeep says she already knows that “it was absolutely the best decision.” A 15-year veteran of the market research industry, Rajdeep explains that she appreciates that her role enables her to “meet new people and build solid working relationships.”“I love finding solutions for clients and fulfilling their research needs,” Raj says. “Recently I have been enjoying offering DIY solutions to clients which not only helps them take control, but it also allows them to work efficiently resulting in saving time and resources.”

What Sets Prodege Apart

Recognizing that Prodege is “vastly different” from other market research companies, Rajdeep asserts that “the biggest differentiator is the integrity Prodege has for its panel members due to the company’s values,” elaborating that, “Prodege has by far the most robust engagement model in the industry which empowers us to assure our clients are receiving quality sample through our global team of researchers and insights professionals with experience at the top MR firms.”

Learn about Rajdeep Chana and her journey as a woman in market research

Notable Women in Market Research

In addition to role models like Prodege colleague Stuart Gullock, who Rajdeep says “has always provided me with unwavering support and encouragement,” Rajdeep counts many strong women among her biggest inspirations. Rajdeep shares, “Some women who have inspired me on my career journey include Patricia Chapin-Bayley in my earlier years, as well as Katie Gross and Briar McAuley who made a direct impact on my career progression… Katie Gross is someone I constantly look up to and am inspired by. Her confidence, hard work, commitment, dedication, and achievements to date are commendable.” A believer in women lifting other women up, Rajdeep notes, “In honor of Women’s History Month, my advice to all women is that it’s important we look out for each other and empower one another especially for those who are entering the industry.”

Learn about Rajdeep Chana and her journey as a woman in market research

Tips of the Trade

Rajdeep says that she has enjoyed developing her own leadership skills and offering advice, including, “Be honest, open, and transparent with your clients, and you’ll receive a lot of respect in return.” 

When not serving as a great role model for other women in market research, Rajdeep says she loves exploring new places and experiences, often through travelling. And, when all else fails, she loves a good Netflix binge! Please feel free to drop Rajdeep a note if you have any global (non-US) research projects you could use some top-notch assistance with!

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