By Lisa W. Miller, President at Lisa W. Miller & Associates, LLC Consumer Insights & Innovation Strategist

With each day that passes, we are getting closer and closer to the phased re-opening of America. It’s a charged topic with consumers protesting to reopen as fast as possible, and those that are still very scared to go out. It’s complicated, yet we can draw on familiar principles to guide us.

Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty? Yes

At the core, the #CovidReEntry curve is similar to an “early adopter” innovation curve. The chart below defines and quantifies five attitudinal segments of the re-entry. Having fifty-four percent of consumers that are ready to re-engage is a positive sign for the economy, yet we shouldn’t alienate the forty-six percent that are still concerned. The largest group is torn, they want to get out, yet will be taking it slower at first.

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The #CovidReEntry Curve Spoiler Alert!

It’s not just Millennials that are ready to get out the door, and it’s not just older consumers that are very anxious. It’s a mindset. Yes, there are some skews to older and younger, but it’s not age that defines the model, it’s the attitude of who is ready to get out the door and who is going to still hunker down even with the restrictions lifting. We are seeing all ages in all segments of the re-entry curve. 

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Marketers understand that targeting is more about a ‘mindset’ not just demographics. Today’s circumstance are no different. A mindset gets into the psyche of consumers defined by distinct and targetable attitudes and behaviors leading to better messaging, better user experiences and ultimately better ROI.

Our survey results are based on a survey sample two waves of data,  2,000 Americans aged 18+ through our coding and panel partner, Prodege. The sample is balanced according to US Census on Age, Gender, Region and Ethnicity. Thanks to my research partners at ProdegeMR for providing the support to get this research done! Couldn’t have done it without you!  

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