Understanding which consumers are purchasing your products can be difficult. As a brand, how do you really know the reason shoppers are buying from you, or why they aren’t? 

In a world where there are so many brands to choose from, and new products are taking up shelf space every day, shopper insights have become essential to brand marketers.

The ability to understand consumer purchase behavior brings a lot of value to any brand, emerging or established. Seeing sales lift, building brand awareness, increasing conversions and generally moving product faster are just some of the benefits to shopper marketing insights.

Capturing accurate behavioral data of shoppers has become increasingly challenging, so we’ve decided to help push the industry forward by connecting our 100 million registered members direct to our partners.

In order to connect brands to consumers on-the-go, Prodege has developed a new shopper marketing product, Shoply. Consumers have access to rewards right in the palm of their hand, no scissors required!  We validate their purchases via receipt upload and are able to share the insights gained back with our partner.

Shoply will leverage our internal market research team, to identify important data points, conduct follow up surveys, and overall help brands learn more about their consumers. 

Members of the Shoply Network have driven over $700M in annual shopping GMV in 2018 alone. The Shoply Network has proven to be an integral part of the sales process by helping move CPG products off of shelves as well as introduce new brands to shoppers worldwide.

Shopper marketing will continue to evolve, but one thing will stay constant, and that’s the need to capture accurate insights and connect with the right audience. Our next-generation approach to retail offers shopping solutions for marketers, strengthened by powerful insights, giving you access to the Who, What & Why.