1 in 5 retirees who responded to a Resume Builder poll said they were likely to head back to work this year. Among those who plan to “unretire,” 19% plan to go back to a previous employer, 23% will stay in the same industry but work for a new employer and 58% said they would work in a different industry. Preferences for remote or in-person work were somewhat evenly split, though a plurality, close to one-third, said they preferred remote work but would work in-person if required. 

Rising costs are the primary driver of this shift, with 69% of respondents citing it as a factor. Other reasons included wanting to learn a new skill, to take advantage of the current labor market or to take advantage of a flexible or remote work culture.

Partnering with Pollfish, Resume Builder interviewed 800 retirees for the survey in late March. All were over 54 and retired.

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