TUCSON – If you think that dads across America do not care about Father’s Day, think again. According to Swagbucks’ Father’s Day survey of more than 1,500 people, including 560 dads, that is definitely not the case.

When asked if they cared that there is a day for dads, 74 percent said yes.

Those same dads were not happy though with stereotypes they said are outdated. When asked what stereotypes bothered them the most, 51 percent said the belief that dads are bad babysitters and 47 percent said the stereotype that they cannot cook.

But despite what people may think of a dad’s childcare or culinary skills, most Americans, 87 percent, said they have learned valuable lessons from their dads, 56 percent said their dad taught them how to treat others, 40 percent said their pop taught them how to save money and plan for the future and 37 percent said it was their dad who showed them how to be handy around the house.

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