Swagbucks, the web’s leading rewards program, today released the findings from its Football Fandom 2016 survey, to determine how sports fans are celebrating and spending on game days. Over 20,000 respondents participated in the survey which found that, when it comes to tailgating, members spare no expense. 60% spent over $100 on tailgating gear, such as grills, while even more fans (65%) spent over $100 on food and drinks alone. Additionally, findings show that men aren’t the only ones preparing for the football season. 53% of women expressed their super fandom as well.

“For fans, football season can be expensive. From pricey tickets to purchasing the best grilling equipment and stocking up for your tailgating party, being a football fan doesn’t come cheap,” said Sarah Aibel, VP of Marketing at Swagbucks. “Fortunately, our members can earn cash and gift cards with their shopping or other everyday online activities like taking surveys and watching videos to help them cover the expenses of football season.”

Additional key findings from the Football Fandom 2016 survey include:

  • Pro football fans outnumber college football fans
    • 46% of respondents are pro football fans
    • 12% root for their favorite college team
    • 42% cheer on both pro and college football teams
  • Super fans will travel for their team
    • 60% of fans attend live games
    • 70% of those fans have traveled to another city or state to watch their favorite team live
  • Team gear is a must for football fans
    • 82% of fans purchase branded gear to support their team
    • 67% own team t-shirts
    • 38% own team jerseys
    • 37% own team-logo hats
  • And fans spend freely on team gear
    • 44% of fans have spent $100-$500 on fan gear
    • 35% of fans go big, having spent more than $500 on fan gear.
  • Lucky outfits are a thing
    • Of those who consider themselves superstitious, 45% of fans have a “lucky outfit” they wear to help their team win games.
  • Most die-hard fans are loyal to one team only
    • 54% would consider themselves die hard fans of one team, while another 37% support multiple teams. The majority of die-hards picked their team because the team is from their hometown or because their friends or family support that team. Only 20% say they root for their favorite team because of the team’s winning record.
  • Married women say “I do” to football fandom
    • 56% of married women consider themselves football fans compared to 44% of single women
  • Football season is a bigger rush for higher income households
    • 64% of higher income respondents consider themselves football fans, compared to 55% of lower income respondents
    • 60% of higher income respondents rated their level of excitement for the upcoming season at an 8 or higher, while 49% of lower income individuals reported the same level of excitement

For more insight on how fans are preparing for and celebrating the upcoming football season, visit the Swagbucks Blog.

Swagbucks is the web’s leading rewards program, rewarding its 19+ million members with free gift cards for their everyday activities and purchases online. Members use Swagbucks.com’s website and mobile apps to search, shop, watch videos, take surveys and more, earning points that are redeemable for gift cards to major retailers including Amazon and Walmart. To date, Swagbucks has awarded more than $140 million in gift cards to its members and counting. Swagbucks also empowers hundreds of retail partners like Amazon, Walmart, Target and many more, as well as premium content providers like AOL and Hulu, to reach its active, engaged members. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Swagbucks is a subsidiary of Prodege, LLC, and partner site to MyGiftCardsPlus. For more information, please visit www.swagbucks.com.

Nicole Schwabe

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