With Earth Day on the horizon, we wanted to understand how prominently sustainable consumer behavior factors into household purchases & regular habits in 2023.

Sustainable Consumer Behavior: Impact on Purchase Decisions & Regular Behaviors

While quality and price remain the top considerations when considering which household brands & products to buy, sustainability has risen in importance in 2023. Specifically, our recent research reveals that one-in-three (34%) deem sustainability “very” important when weighing these purchase decisions (vs. 27% in 2022). 

While the most popular actions those we surveyed incorporate into their regular routines are limiting use of plastic grocery bags, limiting use of single use kitchen supplies, and separating out recycling, composting has grown in adoption in 2023 (17% are doing this in 2023 vs 11% in 2022).

Which Pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility Are Most Important to Consumers?

When asked to pick which aspect of corporate social responsibility holds most sway, “environment and sustainability” tops the list (44%), followed by company diversity & fair labor practices (33%).

Additionally, consumers in 2023 are more apt than last year to indicate they pay very/somewhat close attention to social responsibility and sustainability emphasis in advertising in 2023 (55% in 2023 vs 39% in 2022).

Donate My Time or My Money?

Make a donation online or take a day of service? If given the choice, the slight majority would prefer to work for a company that gives paid time off each year to volunteer for a cause of their choice (54%) over one that provides an annual stipend for individual charitable donations (46%).

Looking for captive consumers to expose your sustainable products to, test your sustainability messaging on or obtain actionable insights on timely topics from? We’d love to connect you to the consumers you need to reach. Tell us more!

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