American dads resent running jokes that they can’t cook or handle an afternoon taking care of the kids.

Barbecue season is upon us, and families from coast to coast are getting ready to celebrate Dad. Is he as excited about Father’s Day as his family is? It turns out that the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Swagbucks, an online consumer rewards platform operated by Prodege, LLC, surveyed 1,542 adults — including 560 fathers — to find out what dads love most about Father’s Day and what Americans love most about their dads.

American Dads Love Father’s Day and ‘Man Caves’ 
Almost 1 in 5 Americans think dads don’t care about Father’s Day — but they’re wrong. Most American dads (74%) say they do care about the holiday.

About a third of Americans (31%) think their fathers would prefer to spend quality time with the family instead of receiving a gift. Of those who will be purchasing a gift, the top three most popular choices include gift cards, clothing or something related to his favorite hobby.

While opinions on the best gifts for Dad vary, almost all fathers harbor dreams of a special project that they would work on if they had endless time and resources. Popular fantasies include turning their backyard into a wonderland (27%), creating a “man cave” (25%) and fixing up an old car (19%).

But They Don’t Care for Outdated Dad Stereotypes 
Popular films like “Daddy Day Care” and “Three Men and a Baby” have long played on the stereotype that dads are helpless when left alone to care for the kids or take care of the housework. But today’s modern dads would like more credit for their domestic contributions.

The two stereotypes that most irk American dads are that they’re bad babysitters (51%) and that they can’t cook (47%).

The vast majority of Americans (87%) also agree that these stereotypes should go. In addition to the two listed above, they’d like to get rid of the stereotypes that dads never clean up, leave all the disciplining to Mom, and are helpless when they’re sick.

Thanks for Teaching Us Important Stuff, Dad 
Most Americans (87%) say they have learned valuable lessons from their dads, including how to treat others as they expect to be treated (56%), how to save money and plan for the future (40%), how to be handy around the house (37%), and how to stand up for themselves (36%).

Americans also love hanging out with their fathers, whether it be watching sports (14%), going camping or fishing (11%), or simply spending time catching up (33%).

As for favorite fictional fathers, Americans most love “chilling out, maxing and relaxing” with The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’s Philip Banks. Other popular TV dads include Mike Brady and Homer Simpson.

“Whether it’s a barbecue in the backyard or a day at the ballpark, we hope that Americans will be able to spend some memorable quality time with their dads this Father’s Day,” said Chuck Davis, CEO, and Chairman of Prodege, LLC. “And for those looking for the perfect gift, Swagbucks is a great place to get creative ideas and the best deals on whatever your father needs.”

To earn and save money on Father’s Day purchases, visit the Swagbucks site or download the SwagButton.

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Katie Crockford

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