The survey also discovered that shoppers use deal sites to find the best sales — and share them with friends and family

LOS ANGELES, CA — October 25, 2018 — Americans like a good deal, but are they willing to go out of their way to get one? According to a new survey by Swagbucks, a rewards and loyalty-program company operated by Prodege, LLC, 83 percent of Americans would be more inclined to shop at a store that offered a reward over one that doesn’t, even if it was less convenient. The survey also discovered what types of rewards consumers like best and why they like shopping online.

The national survey of 1,000 U.S. adults was conducted online by Prodege in October 2018.

Give me that cold, hard cash please

Cash back is the No. 1 reward that motivates Americans to shop (83 percent). This is followed by gift cards (70 percent), coupons (55 percent), points (39 percent), and rebates (33 percent).

A large majority (71 percent) of American shoppers say they would shop online exclusively if it meant they got rewards on every purchase. What else do Americans love about online shopping?

  • They don’t have to leave the house — 75 percent
  • They can shop at any time of the day or night — 72 percent
  • They can shop from anywhere — 54 percent
  • There are more options online than in stores — 52 percent
  • They can shop in their PJs — 46 percent

The study also found that 39 percent also like that they don’t have to deal with rude or annoying salespeople.

Digging for gold

When asked where they find the best deals, the majority of shoppers say that they search on deal sites like Swagbucks (74 percent). Others:

  • Go directly to the retailer — 55 percent
  • Rely on retailer emails — 50 percent
  • Follow retailers on social media — 40 percent
  • Ask friends — 19 percent
  • Read shopping and deal blogs — 16 percent

The survey also found that Americans are generous. When they find a good deal, almost all of them (93 percent) will share it with their friends and family.

“What we’ve found is that shoppers love to earn rewards, and many will go out of their way to save a little bit of extra money or receive cash back,” said Chuck Davis, CEO & Chairman of Prodege, LLC. “Swagbucks is a great way to save money and earn those extra rewards while shopping for holiday purchases. With Swagbucks, shoppers can have fun while shopping — and save lots of money.”

From now through Christmas, shoppers can earn Swagbucks on holiday purchases through the Swagbucks site or by downloading the SwagButton.

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