There are iPhone loyalists and Samsung loyalists, but which phones will be selling out this holiday season? According to a new survey by Swagbucks, a rewards- and loyalty-program company operated by Prodege, LLC, adults and teens are split between the two.
Overall, adults are most excited to purchase a new Samsung smartphone, with a third (32 percent) of adults choosing a Samsung, while a full half (51 percent) of teens are excited about an iPhone.
The national survey of 1,000 U.S. adults and teens, conducted online by Prodege in October 2018, also found that more women prefer the iPhone XS, while men want the Galaxy S10:

Which smartphone would you most like to receive? Women Men
iPhone XS 20 percent 15 percent
Samsung Galaxy S10 19 percent 26 percent
Samsung Galaxy S9 11 percent 10 percent
iPhone XS Max 10 percent 10 percent

All I Want for Christmas Is…

The survey discovered that the No. 1 electronic gift on American adults’ wish lists this year is a computer or laptop (21 percent), followed by a new smartphone (19 percent) or a TV (11 percent). Teens, on the other hand, are more focused on mobile — more of them want a new smartphone (32 percent), followed by a computer/laptop (18 percent) or a tablet (16 percent).
When asked which non-electronic gift they want, teens and parents agreed that gift cards are the “go to” gift:

Which non-electronic gift would you most like to receive? Adults Teens
Gift card 37 percent 30 percent
Clothing 13 percent 19 percent
An experiential gift (e.g., spa day) 13 percent 9 percent
Home goods 10 percent 3 percent
Accessories 5 percent 3 percent

Americans Will Spend on Family, but Not Friends
The vast majority of American moms (82 percent) plan to spend the most money on their children this holiday season. This is also true of most American dads (58 percent), but a full third of them plan to spend more on their spouse or significant other than on the kids.
The rest of American adults will drop the most money on a gift for their sweetheart.
Bad news for coworkers and extended family: they come in below close family how much Americans expect to spend on gifts for them.
A quarter of Americans reveal that they plan to spend between $300 to $500 on holiday shopping this year (24 percent). Additionally, Americans say the sweet spot budget for one person’s gift is between $50 and $150 (43 percent).
Black Friday Continues to Be a Hot Shopping Day
Almost all Americans (85 percent) say that they plan to do some shopping during the Black Friday weekend. Many plan to shop at more than five stores (32 percent). About 1 in 5 Americans (21 percent) will shop exclusively online this year, but the majority (70 percent) will shop both in-store and online.
The survey also found that 19 percent of Americans plan to shop on Thanksgiving itself, and a quarter (24 percent) will alter plans with their family to shop.
“Over the years we’ve seen people begin holiday shopping earlier and earlier,” said Chuck Davis, CEO and Chairman of Prodege, LLC. “Whether you begin your shopping early in the fall or wait until Black Friday weekend or even Christmas eve, Swagbucks can help you save and earn money on all of your big ticket purchases, like iPhone or Galaxy smartphones, as well as other items like clothing and gift cards.”
From now through the holidays, shoppers can earn Swagbucks on holiday purchases through the Swagbucks site or by downloading the SwagButton.

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Jess Batty

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