The idea of voluntarily asking your customers the question “how likely are you to recommend our services?” may seem nerve-wracking. However, the insights obtained from measuring your Net Promoter Score and examining open-ended responses that elaborate upon each client’s rating can be vital to improving the customer experience. Here’s what you can learn from each type of client:

Promoters (9-10 rating): If every one of your projects were a Facebook post, your Promoters would be quick to “like” or “love” each one. They have likely worked with you on multiple occasions and been impressed with your ability to consistently deliver quality results, meet tight deadlines, and provide them with a communicative and proactive team. Pay attention to the open-ends from Promoters to understand where your company shines and which individuals within your team have helped garner respect and loyalty.

Passives (7-8 rating): Your Passives can be likened to a water cooler exchange about your company’s capabilities and reputation. Picture yourself in the office kitchen filling up your water bottle and a colleague stops you to ask about your experience with a particular partner. You’ll probably start with the “good here” and highlight the key strengths from your professional experience with said partner. Then, if you’ve had any insight that they’re “not so good there,” you’ll segue into those areas of improvement. Competitive Intel sometimes emerges as a helpful by-product of Passives’ comments; pay attention to any areas where your rivals may currently be a step ahead.

Passives are an important group to hear out, as the groundwork has been laid for them to fully vouch for your abilities and further the partnership. To gain passives as stronger advocates, you need to be receptive and responsive to their concerns.

Detractors (1-6 rating): At first read, some of the comments from Detractors may be hard to take in and on very rare occasions, you may even feel like history has been rewritten. But, being open to what Detractors say can be key in identifying common pain points across your client & customer base. Their feedback also serves as an important reminder that authentic communication with less-than-satisfied clients can go a long way in showing your dedication and commitment to enhancing their experience and strengthening your partnership.

At ProdegeMR, we value our client relationships and pride ourselves on our open lines of communication. We regularly seek out feedback and were very pleased with the outstanding NPS score our recent Customer Satisfaction survey yielded. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

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