With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise around the country, in addition to re-thinking in-person Santa visits, are Americans pivoting their celebrations for the December holidays? Our recent survey of 1,291 respondents reveals that when it comes to decking the halls this year, some change is likely afoot. 

The biggest shift being made centers on in-person gatherings, namely the decision to forgo traveling to see family over the December holidays (39%, led by those living in the West) and/or paring back or skipping holiday gatherings (30%).

When asked to elaborate on the gatherings they will be skipping/downsizing and the rationale for it:

“My Christmas Eve party and my Christmas Day family gathering. My extended family has too many people that are at-risk for contracting Covid.”
“The family Christmas dinner will be just the home bubble plus delivering meals to some high risk relatives who live in the area.”
“Probably won’t be having any at all, can’t afford the risk to all involved.”
 “Cancelling our annual Hanukkah party.. May just have my close family (basically 2 1/2 households) over for a pared down event (maybe no dinner..just dessert and candle lighting).”
“We are not traveling outside our local community to visit family as we normally would.”
“I won’t be attending a work party for the holidays like usual. My immediate family and I will celebrate minimally.”
“I’m just preparing for my husband and myself as we are at a higher risk. Our adult children can’t come over.”
“We normally host a Christmas party but cannot and will not do so during a pandemic.” 

With the increased time spent at home, around one-in-four indicate they have begun watching holiday movies and/or decorating the home earlier than in years past (23-27%). As put by one respondent: “I usually don’t put a lot of effort into decorating my home, but now that I’m home more often, I feel like I can enjoy it. I also am a lot more eager for the holidays to make me feel happier.”  Another expands: “We started decorating a few days before Halloween. Our daughter graduated high school (we think, haha) and my husband developed anxiety. We needed some happy! So we decorated WAY early!”

While this year may look and feel different, Prodege remains your dedicated partner! Please reach out for any placement or insights needs.

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