User acquisition, the process of attracting new users, is essential to increasing app installs and engagement with mobile games. 

With competition fierce, how can brands be sure users will find their game?

Prodege’s guaranteed performance model makes user acquisition seamless. Our players are proven to drive growth and high ARPUs with current partners finding success quickly. 

Drive Growth and Engagement

Our solution ensures your mobile games are seen, downloaded, and most importantly played. With over 15 million monthly active users from IOS and Android, we maximize engagement and ROAS with targeted events in-game. 

The best part, it’s risk-free! We work on a cost per engagement (CPE) performance basis, meaning if users don’t play, you don’t pay. 

Prodege drives user acquisition and maximizes mobile app engagement and ROAS.

Prodege also sends push notifications alerting members to new games while on the go. Driving growth and engagement for user acquisition has never been easier! 

In-app Ad Testing for the Win

In a previous post, we explored the interest of in-game ads. At the time, around 60% of those surveyed agreed that brands do not understand them. However, they would engage more with mobile ads if they were relevant. 

Not only do our solutions provide zero risk to you, but we also offer advertising effectiveness testing solutions, so you can be sure your ads are reaching their target audience.

Join our success stories, like Scopley, Skillz, and Yotta Games who use our innovative mobile offerings to drive app installs across Android and iOS devices. Let’s connect to learn more about your needs! 

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