Spiked seltzers are convenient, refreshing, and clearly having a moment. We were curious to learn more about this phenomenon, particularly whether people are reaching for boozy bubbly water instead of a beer. Also of intrigue was which other “light” cocktails consumers want portable versions of.  

A survey of 1,608 of our members aged 21 to 54 (evenly split by gender) revealed four-in-ten drink hard seltzers at least once a month, with another 23% drinking them more occasionally. Most appealing for spiked seltzer drinkers is the good taste (69%), with black cherry, followed by raspberry, as the flavors they are most likely to grab. 

When hard seltzer drinkers consider filling their fridge with canned alcoholic beverages, 44% are more likely to buy spiked seltzers than beer (rising to 55% of females). Of the remainder, 36% would be equally likely to purchase spiked seltzers and beer. Just 20% would be more likely to opt for beer. 

So it seems that spiked seltzers are heavily in the cocktail rotation, at least until the next portable and trendy drink arrives on the scene. Speaking of this, our members indicated they are most keen to see “light” canned versions of a margarita (45%), Long Island Iced Tea (37%), and/or mojito (28%).