With plentiful research solutions available,– it can be overwhelming to figure out the right methodology to get the answers you seek. In addition to figuring out the “how”, there are any “whys” to support conducting an online insights study.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…Until You Field Research

Even well-known brands with a track record of launching successful products miss the mark on occasion (do Crystal Pepsi and New Coke ring a bell for you?) Before investing valuable resources in launching a campaign or product, it’s key to prioritize the research necessary to ensure that campaign or product is likely to succeed.

Whether it’s concept tests or consumer videos, our customizable solutions make it possible to obtain crucial input from consumers on your idea before going to market.

To Be or Not To Be

Among the many questions, market research can help answer is whether to move forward with a product innovation.

For instance, Waterpik, the #1 brand of water flossers and replaceable shower heads,  turned to Prodege for consumer research to understand the likelihood of purchasing a handheld shower head that includes a new bonus feature cleaning mode, along with the key selling point that would catch their attention in the product name.

Following the research, many actionable takeaways emerged for Waterpik, which helped it develop a successful go-to-market strategy.

Waterpik turned to Prodege to conduct research ahead of launching a new product.

Off-Label Uses for an Online Insights Study

The benefits of market research extend beyond the obvious. Looking to get your brand’s name out there? Data-backed information can garner the attention of media looking to report on facts.

Furthermore, before leveraging market research for consumer support, use it to achieve internal support. From being able to back up your recommendations with facts, to being equipped with the tools to present your findings in an easy to understand and visually stimulating way, research is useful for getting the buy-in of key decision makers.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this piece where we delve into other use-cases for conducting research to help you win over customers and boost revenue. 

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