Finding the right marketing tactics to suit your bank’s digital strategy can be a challenge, especially when your budget is limited, and competition is fierce. In this four-part series, bank marketers learned how to make the best of their resources and craft digital journeys that engage and convert more customers. 

A special thanks to Brianna Reeder, AVP, Director of Communications & Professional Development of the NCB for hosting this  seminar for their members, as well as our knowledgeable panelists for providing their insights on developing a successful digital strategy: 

  • Maureen Flaherty, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer – Kennebunk Savings 
  • James Roy, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing – People’s United Bank 
  • Booshan Rengachari, Founder – Finzly 
  • Mary Coleman, Director of Advertising and PR – Extraco Consulting 
  • Liz McIntyre, Director of Social Media & PR, and Vice President of Marketing – Renasant Bank 
  • Andrew Kraemer, Personal Finance Writer and Founder – 
  • Amy Tabash​, Director, Sales and Strategic Partnerships – WebPals 
  • Lauren Greutman, Debt Free Life Coach – 
  • Megan Hryndza, Co-Founder – Mighty Deposits 
  • Matthew Entringer, Digital Media Manager- UMB 
  • Joshua Kopac, Director of Sales – Prodege 
  • Nicky Senyard, Chief Executive Office – Fintel Connect 

Key Takeaways 

To wrap up, we asked our panelists: If they could go back in time and give advice to their younger selves regarding digital marketing, what would they say? Here are their responses: 

  • Know that it is okay to fail and make mistakes. Digital campaigns involve trial and error, but you will learn a lot as you grow your strategy.  
  • There are many helpful resources available to help you. Attend webinars or training sessions and reach out to your network for advice.   
  • It takes time to learn all the different online platforms (social media, email, paid search, etc). Choose the ones that you feel work best with your audience and start there. You can always make changes. 
  • Just get started. There is no better time than now to start developing your digital strategy. 
  • Internal collaboration is important. Make sure that you have effective communication with your internal and compliance teams before getting started. 
  • Have a desire to learn about things that are beyond your business. Look at what competitors are doing as well as what your target audience is doing.  
  • Have good external partners. Working with good influencers/affiliates will lead to high ROI. 
  • Make sure that there is support and trust within your internal and external relationships. 

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