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Prodege for Consumers


Our flagship product, Swagbucks, is the leading digital rewards and performance marketing platform.  Over 20 million Swagbucks registered users are rewarded via a proprietary loyalty currency for engagement with our partners, including brands, advertisers, publishers and market research firms. Our loyalty currency, called SB, is redeemable for gift cards to hundreds of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Paypal.  The Swagbucks engagement model motivates users to interact with our partners to deliver measurable, highly-quality results.


MyPoints is a digital rewards program that connects advertisers with over 9 million registered online shoppers who earn reward points for engaging with brands and shopping at over 1500 retailers.  MyPoints uses each member’s personal interests, purchasing behavior, and demographic profile to create highly-targeted promotions for advertisers.  MyPoints marketing campaigns are tailored to meet the specific goals of each advertiser, including achieving incremental product and services sales, generating sales leads and increasing website traffic.


MyGiftCardsPlus is powered by the web’s leading rewards platform, Swagbucks. Users are able to purchase gift cards for gifting or everyday use through the site while earning SB points that can be redeemed through Swagbucks for additional gift cards.

Prodege for Enterprise

Prodege MR

ProdegeMR’s diversified recruitment methods and engaging web portals produce highly responsive, deeply profiled members with thousands of behavioral and demographic data points to support your market research needs. ProdegeMR’s proprietary panel has grown to more than 30 million registered members, and delivered over 15 million completed surveys in 2015. ProdegeMR’s mobile platform provides market researchers access to people on the go for a variety of in-the-moment insights powered by a robust geo-fencing solution.


When you absolutely must drive audience development for your video and editorial content, nCrave is here for you. Our people-powered platform puts your content in front of millions of good people everyday. And it’s completely ComScore Friendly, Ad Verification Safe.


SodaHead helps publishers meet the rapidly changing landscape of digital media. SodaHead serves over 100 million polls per month to nearly 50 million visitors on dozens of websites via its two products, Pollware and SaaS Enterprise Polling. Pollware, an ad-supported polling widget, is a turnkey solution allowing publishers of all sizes to earn extra revenue and enhance audience engagement. Our SaaS Entreprise Polling is a custom, white-label polling solution for major media companies like ESPN, FoxNews, Warner Bros, Univision, and many others.