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Case Study

It’s High Time to Gain Access to CBD and Cannabis Consumers

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A leading national Cannabis brand was eager to make their mark on residents of a state where the category was
newly legalized.

How can we become the top brand in the state?

Here’s what we did
  • Used geo-targeted podcast ad placements to gauge top-of-funnel activity like favorability and intent among residents of this state
  • The ads raised favorability by 77% and purchase intent grew by 67%
  • This brand is now the #1 cannabis brand in the state

Our members are extensively profiled across hundreds of variables, allowing you to tap into your desired audience across a range of targeting criteria such as:


Cannabis consumption

frequency (for

recreational and/or

medicinal purposes)


Key reasons/benefits

derived from

consuming cannabis


Yearly spend

on cannabis


Who consuming

cannabis with


Types of CBD

products purchased


Key reasons/

benefits derived

from CBD products


Yearly spend on

CBD products

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